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Best hand dryers commercial use

American Dryer, Dyson - admin - 23rd October 2018

Best hand dryers commercial Tips for buying, Ranking and Reviews for 2018

In public toilets, they are already part of the basic equipment and in private bathrooms, they are increasingly found. The Best hand dryers commercial are a good alternative to the classic towel or paper towel. They are considered hygienic, easy to attach and look very effective. Of course, they have both advantages and disadvantages and therefore the purchase should be well considered.



What is a hand dryer?

From a hand dryer is spoken in a device that has a fan, with the hands blown dry. Usually, they are attached to the wall and respond at a touch of a button or movement. Most hand dryers have a built-in motion detector. This motion sensor reacts when the hands are held under the device. In this case, it is important. The default setting is often how long the blower is running. After a short while, it will be off again. Due to the strength of the blower, it usually does not take long until the hands are dry.

Paper towels or hand dryer?

If you have an industrial operation or a public facility where toilets are mandatory, then, of course, you also have the question of whether you prefer to offer paper towels or a hand dryer. Many are choosing to provide both. This allows visitors and guests to decide for themselves how to dry their hands. Of course, it is always interesting to look at the two possibilities in comparison.

The hygiene

In terms of hygiene, paper towels are still the winners in the race. The germs and bacteria that may still be on your hands after washing are wiped off the cloths and then thrown away. In the hand dryer, on the other hand, they are simply blown aside and may still be on the skin. In addition, it can be natural that a user comes to the blower and the bacteria settle there. They will be released again the next time they are used. In addition, the hands are often much drier after using paper towels. Most people only hold you briefly under the hand dryer and then go outside with wet hands. So germs have more opportunities to multiply. In terms of hygiene, therefore, the paper towels,

The economic and ecological side

At first glance, it may seem that the paper towels are the better solution. However, this is not the case. In fact, they mean a much higher cost. They must be manufactured, delivered, refilled and disposed of. This results in high costs but also a special economic effort. It’s different from a hand dryer. Here you only have to pay for the purchase and installation as well as the operation and maintenance. However, these are significantly lower than in comparison to the paper towels. Therefore, hot-air hand dryers were also equipped with the environmental seal “Blue Angel” and can be used without hesitation.

The electricity costs in view

The operating costs for a hand dryer are of course always depends on how much it is frequented. In a large restaurant, where several hundred guests go in and out every day, you are naturally much higher than in a small boutique. Nevertheless, it may still be worthwhile for the operation to use the hand dryer. The long durability and low maintenance speak for themselves. Inform yourself in the hand dryer test which models are especially good. Products made of stainless steel have proven themselves. Stainless steel is considered robust, can be easily cleaned, does not rust and looks good too. If you still want to offer both the hand dryer and the paper towels, you can buy both as a set.

Manufacturer for hand dryers

Hand dryers are made by different companies. If you are looking for a suitable model, then it is worthwhile to learn a bit about the different manufacturers. We have put together a small overview of the manufacturers for you:

  • Dyson
  • Bartscher
  • Veltia
  • starmix
  • Proox
  • Air Wolf
  • Stiebel Eltron

In the price comparison and also in the hand dryer test Now you can get an overview of the different brands and their products. Both hand dryers are made where the hands are inserted from above or simply kept underneath.

TheBest hand dryers of 2018


Electric towels have become very common in motorway restaurants, restaurants, airports and public places in general, resulting in very practical even in bathrooms for the disabled. Below we offer five tips on which electric towels to buy.


Recommended products


Fantini Cosmi AP9291


Among the various offers on the market, the best electric hot air towels, according to us, is the Kalieco Aspira photocell model whose characteristics are summarized in compact size, weighing just over 3 kg, has 2100 W of power, while the motor ensures a constant temperature above 44 ° C.

Thanks to the powerful vortex and the air speed of 30 m / sec the hands are dry in 30 seconds.

Aesthetically, the product boasts a modern and elegant design that makes it suitable for any type of environment.

The cover closes with screws and is made of ABS resistant to heat and impact and the support is also self-extinguishing ABS.

The price is competitive and, indeed, given the quality of the product, it contributes to making the Kalieco 30A of Aspira, in our opinion, the best electric towel in 2018.

The elegant design and an intelligent photocell activation system make the new Fantini Cosmi electric towel a good purchase for many types of bathroom, together with a low overall price.


One of the winning features is certainly the choice to operate the machine only when the integrated photocell detects the presence of wet hands below the machine, with a significant energy saving compared to the classic button.


The hot air jet has been designed with a power that guarantees a complete drying within thirty seconds; good timing in relation to the average.


Another element not to be overlooked is the material used for the outer casing, which is able to prevent the development of a fire in the unfortunate event of overheating.


Although difficult to reduce, in consideration of the mechanical principle that generates it, the noise of the hot air jet produced by this towel is considered high by some users.




Maxblast 10172


An excellent model to be evaluated for those who are wondering how to choose a good wall-mounted electric towel is this of Maxblast. It has 2800 W of power, an air flow of 120 m / s and the temperature ranges from 20 ° C to 40 ° C.

Technologically advanced, stainless steel body, it heats up very quickly and is able to dry in just 7-12 seconds. The consumption is between 1400-1650 W up to 25 ° C and 550 W for higher temperatures, thus resulting in economic and efficient.

One of the best features of the model is its silence: machines so powerful, in general, are very noisy but thanks to the modern technology used here the noise level produced is only 72 dB, comparable to a normal vacuum cleaner.

The sensor triggers when the hands are positioned correctly and switches off very quickly when they are removed.

Maxblast 10172 is one of the best-selling electric towels and is ideal for pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms, etc.

Refined and essential in its stainless steel casing, the Maxblast electric towel is the solution for those wondering where to buy a quick model in drying and energy efficient.


The 2800 Watt engine is a real bomb, capable of drying your hands in record time, just over ten seconds, without reaching unpleasant skin temperatures.

Energy saving:

The consumption of electricity has been made efficient, thanks to a control on the temperature of the jet of hot air, to guarantee a minimum impact on the bill.


Still on the subject of savings, the accuracy of the machine’s activation and deactivation sensor deserves a mention, which comes into operation at the exact moment when it detects the presence of wet hands.


The price could be higher than the budget.





Casselin C1INOX 


Continuing with our buying advice, let’s talk about the Casselin model here. Here are its technical characteristics: it has a power of 2500 W / 230 V while the air flow is 270 m3 / h.

This is a photocell model that dries in just 15 seconds.

The anti-vandal frame is in brushed stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm; it has a safety thermostat that stops the machine in case of overvoltage.

It is easy to install thanks to the included mounting kit and the noise level is normal. The Casselin model is one of the best electric towels sold online; in general, it is a very powerful product with adequate performance at the price at which it is offered.

Another product of our guide to choose the best electric towels, this time marketed by the brand Casselin, is among the favorites on the market for the speed of drying and its compactness.


Who does not have the patience to wait or customers of those premises with a large influx of people will be happy to know that this jet of hot air can dry two wet hands in just fifteen seconds.


A fundamental addition to machines with similar power, the internal thermostat makes it possible to block its operation in case of overheating.


The users are very pleased with the compact stainless steel structure, which is well suited to many types of furniture.


Being a quality model, aimed primarily at businesses with a continuous flow of customers, the price of this towels is not among the cheapest.




Bartscher 850000


Another model of electric towels to be evaluated to make a comparison and choose the one that best suits your needs is the Bartscher.

The measures are average, as well as the weight that is 2.6 kg while for what concerns the technical characteristics the power is 2100 W and the air flow is about 53 liters per second with a temperature of about 60 ° C .

Bartscher, a German company founded in 1876 and very active in the field of catering equipment, offers an automatic wall machine with infrared sensor and a white plastic casing. Not very bulky, with an average noise level, it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms in public places and can boast a good quality / price ratio.

Thanks to its external structure in white plastic, the Bartscher electric towel conquers the users for its lightness and ease of installation, even in series.


Compared to the majority of models, where the drying speed is inevitably proportional to the noise, this machine manages to be incredibly quiet, even with a respectable power.


The choice of using plastic for the outer casing allows, in addition to an aesthetic improvement compared to other materials, also a gain in lightness.


The product is equipped with an infrared sensor, extremely accurate in detecting the presence of wet hands under the hot air outlet.


Despite the excellent relationship between quality and price, the cost is still medium-high and not accessible to all categories of users.






Kenley bod-180


The last product we want to talk about and which, according to us, belongs to the five best electric towels of 2018 is the Kenley model.

It has a power of 1800 W, an air speed of 2400 rpm and drying time is 10 seconds.

Also in this case we are dealing with an automatic machine that is therefore hygienic because you do not need to press any button and is therefore suitable for public places.

The model is solid, made of ABS plastic with a classic white design that is good for every bathroom. It is easy to assemble with four screws and is easy to clean. The last advantage to consider concerns the price that is very competitive.

The Kenley electric model, compact and essential, amazes those who test it for the incredible speed with which it dries the wet hands and the solidity of the construction material.


In describing the merits of this model one can not fail to praise the speed of drying of its jet of hot air, even with a power engine, overall, contained.


The ABS plastic chosen by Kenley gives strength and resistance to the use of a light and easy to mount object, which must however be used tens of times every day.


The use of a sensor to automatically adjust switching on and off removes any possibility of contact between the machine and the user, with a considerable gain for hygiene.


Although interesting in its compactness, the opinions of some users reject the design of this electric towel, considered too squared and poor in appealing details.






How to use an electric towel


If you have a room, you will most likely have to face an important choice regarding the bathroom: install a paper dispenser or an electric towel?

If the former is perhaps the choice of most people, the latter has a number of advantages. The paper dispenser, in fact, must be filled constantly and the paper is often consumed in an inaccurate manner by the users as it is within everyone’s reach. Children could tear away many sheets simply for fun, while the most distracted adults to dry their hands may take more than they should. These drawbacks could therefore lead to increasing the costs of maintaining the bathroom more than a practical electric towel would do.


Energy consumption

However, let’s see in detail the characteristics that make it preferable. First of all, savings. If you think that energy consumption is higher than paper refills you should be ready to change your mind. The best models of electric towels are equipped with an internal timer that accurately manages the times of use. Once the activation button is pressed, the user has about ten seconds to dry his hands, just enough to remove the surface water.


Models with photocell

Some do not even have the button and are activated by a photocell located at the bottom of the device, you have to move your hands near it to activate the air jet. Of course this variant has a higher cost and should be taken into consideration only if you have a design room where it is required that even the bathroom respects the global decor.

It is in fact electric towels much more cared for in terms of appearance than the older models with button.



Once you have chosen the model that best suits your needs, all you have to do is mount it inside the bathroom. Usually it should be mounted not too far from the sinks to prevent users from dirtying the floor by letting the hands drip. For installation it is necessary to contact an expert in the field since it will be necessary to fix the device firmly to the wall.


Three types of use

According to the chosen towel you will have three different types of use: for the manual one you need to press a button to activate the air jet, according to some users it is considered unhygienic because it needs the touch on the button; the automatic towels, equipped with a photocell, are preferred by the buyers since there is no need for any contact with the appliance and just swipe the hand quickly under the device to activate the air jet; finally, the type of blade of air that has a compartment where you put your hands, probably the least hygienic of the three because it is very easy to touch the inside of the appliance and frustrate the wash just made.




Test report summaries and price comparison for the hand dryer

With a hand dryer test you can create a basis for a good comparison of the products. The test report summaries show you the comparison winner as well as the price at different providers. As a recommendation, the report also has a rating on the devices, with which you can get a first idea of whether the hand dryer fits your ideas. Take advantage of the experiences and testimonials of other customers who have come into contact with the product or have used it permanently. It is good if you take a little time to go through the comparison of peace. Find out which solution is best for you. Inform yourself also about the possible accessories and the spare parts necessary for the selected hand dryer.

Hand dryer yes or no?

You now know the advantages and disadvantages of using a hand dryer and can now get a first idea of whether it pays to invest in such a device. The highest costs are incurred for the acquisition and operation. But you need no additional staff or storage costs, as with the paper towels. Thus, the hand dryer offers you a good basis for the equipment of the bathroom or the baths in one operation.

Easy to order on the internet

If you would like to buy one or more hand dryers, then you can place the order online in a shop. Here you have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of different versions and deliver them directly to your home or business with a low-cost delivery. Take advantage of the range of accessories for the products and make a large order directly to save additional shipping.

Buying Guide


A choice for savings

The main reason to deal with the purchase of an electric towel is of an economic nature because comparing its use with that of a paper towel dispenser, you can achieve savings ten times higher. This is because all the models of the best brands are equipped with a timer that manages the operating time, so as to avoid that the appliance is active for too long, resulting in wasting electricity.

Putting to compare prices appears rather obvious, in the aim to spend an amount proportionate to the type of investment that is ready to support, how to choose between models with form, different capabilities and sizes.

The smaller electric towels with a hot air outlet and activated by pressing a button, for example, represent the best compromise between operational efficiency and selling price. The larger models, equipped with an opening in which to insert the hands and which are activated by means of a photocell, cost no doubt more and are a choice to be evaluated especially if they are to be placed in an elegant bathroom, with various design elements.


Materials and effectiveness

In the classification of the aspects to be taken into account when choosing an electric towel cannot fail to evaluate the materials with which it was made. The choice is not exclusively aesthetic but linked to factors such as resistance to wear, the ability to emit a more or less powerful jet and longevity.

Typically you can find models made of polished stainless steel, satin or ABS, each of which can be equipped with a dispenser of dia different shape. If you want to save, choose one with the nozzle, if you point at drying speed and noiselessness directed towards a blade air-jet model.

Just the noise is the last aspect to be taken into account when choosing, although it is rather utopian to find a totally silent model. However, it is good to note that the new generation electric towels are able to contain the noise within more than acceptable limits.

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EXTREMEAIR GXT The original high-speed, compact, energy-efficient hand dryer

American Dryer - admin - 26th August 2017

The EXTREMEAIR GXT high-speed hand dryer series is the original high-speed, compact,
energy-efficient hand dryer- The GXT uses a high-velocity heated air stream to dry
hands in an average of 10-12 seconds- An automatic infrared sensor allows the dryer to
run for 35 seconds or until hands are removed from under the sensor-


Adjustable Sound 8: Speed
Innovative technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference —
providing the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound- It’s ideal for
sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library-
A dial inside the dryer provides easy sound adjustment from 83 to 69 dB, with a speed
of 19,000 to 10,000 LFM- There is NO need to upgrade or replace parts-
Universal Voltage
The EXTREMEAIR can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz- The
dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier-
Money Saver

  • Save up to 9896 versus paper towel costs
  • Dry up to 100 pairs of hands for the cost of one paper towel
  • Dry 1,000 pairs of hands for only $042


5-Year Premium Warranty

Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts- See owner’s
manual for details-

Green Certifications

The EXTREMEAIR hand dryer has been (3reenSpecg Listed- This is an unbiased list of the
most environmentally-friendly products published by the editors of Environmental
Building News- The EXTREMEAIR met tough GreenSpec standards because it uses
80-9096 less energy than conventional hand dryers and reduces maintenance and
waste- The EXTREMEAIR also helps facilities qualify for LEED Credits


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